Anna FFA Competes in Soil Judging Contest

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The Anna FFA recently competed in the district level soil judging contest. This contest is designed for students’ to test different soil types. There are two parts to this contest; there is agricultural soil judging and urban soil judging.

In the agricultural contest, students evaluate soil for things such as slope, soil texture, living organisms, soil structure, depth of topsoil, and drainage. Students use observations to determine what types of management practices would be useful for that soil type. In this contest soil is judged for the use of farming.

In the urban contest is sites are evaluated for its ability to support buildings and homes. They test for slope, flooding, soil texture, drainage class, and depth of bedrock. Contestants identify useful management practices specific to septic systems, buildings with basements, driveways, and lawn and garden settings.

The students that participated at the district agricultural contest were Garhett Keener, Andrew Berning, Bryce Jenkins, Andrew Millhouse, Dylan Siegle, Carter Beam, Kyle Evans, Aubrey Hoying.

The students on the urban team were Maggie Steifel, Emily Bertke, Liz Michael, Lauren Barhorst, Derek Wolters, Keith Berning, and Camryn Wilson.

The rural team placed 12th overall.